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What Is The Cost Of Shipping Products To Norway?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 21-Dec-2016 08:24:00

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We are frequently asked how much Norwegian shipping companies charge to move goods to and from Norway. As always, this question depends on the type of product you need to move, what transport methods you use and how quickly you need them to get there. This article is a brief overview of what factors affect what you should expect to pay. For a bespoke quote please get in touch with one of our Scandinavian shipping specialists by calling 01469 571 440.

Shipping volume

The first factor, when seeking a quote, will be the volume of goods you need to ship and how they are palletised. In general a full load shipment is cheaper per unit than a part load; and some haulage companies give longer delivery times for part loads too, as they keep you waiting in order to fill up their truck. You can also send smaller shipments to Norway quite easily, with specialist companies being happy to dispatch volumes of five pallets or less.


When shipping to Norway you should consider the pallets you use for your shipment, as this will sometimes affect the cost. Standard EU and UK pallets are perfectly acceptable, with base diameters of 1,200 x 1,000mm or 1,200 x 800mm being preferred by many shipping companies. If your pallets are stackable you may be eligible for a discount or a lower quote, although a reputable company will be happy to ship any kind of consignment, including those packaged in cages, crates etc.

Vehicle transport

Most UK to Norway shipments require both road haulage and sea transport. Norway has several major ports on its long coastline, the main ones being; Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Haugesund, Trondheim and Brevik. This gives you a fair degree of flexibility when reaching your customer, as Norway is an extremely long and thin country. Most industrial and commercial centres are within easy distance of a deep water shipping port.

A specialist Scandinavian logistics company, such as NTEX, will be able to advise you on the fastest route. Be wary of cheaper couriers who restrict your shipping options to certain ports, as this may involve a long journey and delays in your shipment. Norway has an excellent road network but it is a mountainous country. Journeys ‘as the crow flies’ take longer by road in Norway than they do in the UK. Winter weather also affects the roads in Norway, so we recommend you try and limit the amount of road haulage you need between October and April.

Delivery window

Scheduled deliveries to Norway can get your goods to their destination within 48 hours, although some cheaper couriers will take longer. If you need to get your products to Norway in a hurry or your customer expects a specific delivery time, then this can be arranged for you, although it will affect your shipping costs. With a superb network of logistics links between the UK and Norway, 24-hour and even next working day delivery is realistic for most goods.

Customs duties and import charges

As Norway is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) you shouldn’t have to pay custom duties or import charges for most commercial goods. Goods that aren’t covered include alcoholic drinks, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. For these you will need to pay customs duties of between 3% and 6%.

Fast and affordable shipping to Norway

Shipping goods to businesses in Norway should not cost the earth. Each week regular shipments run from British ports across the North Sea to Norway and back several times. There are also established express shipping routes. The key to getting the best deal on shipping to Norway is to work with a company that has an established presence in the country and knows the best and most cost-effective routes.

At NTEX we are Scandinavian shipping specialists with local offices in Norway and decades of experience working with haulage companies in the country. We are well placed to get you the best deal on both regular and express shipping. Click here for a free quote or to make a booking.

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