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What To Look For In A UK to EU Logistics Company

Posted by Liam Harrison on 19-Aug-2021 11:17:00

Many UK manufacturing businesses depend on intricate international supply chains, with parts often sourced from across the EU, so the rapid transit of key components is central to businesses meeting their deadlines.

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Shipping delays caused by Covid restrictions, customs bottlenecks, poor route plotting, or inadequate logistical planning, can stall entire manufacturing lines, jeopardising contracts, profits, and brand reputation. So, when you’re choosing a logistics company for your deliveries between the UK and EU, what features should you look for?


If you supply components to a partner in the EU – or receive components for use on your production line – you’ll understand the importance of prompt shipping. If components linger while you wait for the logistics company to collect them, or shipments don’t arrive on-time, production lines don’t operate fluidly, and costly stoppages are inevitable. Choosing a logistics company that offers a flexible approach – collecting your shipments and delivering them when you want – means vital hours can be saved, boosting productivity, and reducing avoidable losses.

Advanced Telematics

It’s only 20 years ago that lorry drivers had to rely on luck and crossed fingers that they wouldn’t encounter unseen delays on their routes. Modern telematics technology, however, means that we can foresee potential delays such as, road works, accidents and road closures. At NTEX, we use advanced route planning software that identifies the shortest and most cost-effective route to a delivery destination, avoiding known bottlenecks, while live data means diversions can be taken should an unexpected incident on the road occur ahead.

Customs Management

With the UK no longer a member of the EU, changes in customs requirements have threatened delays at international borders that could pose problems for businesses whose shipments don’t arrive on-time. When choosing an international logistics company, it’s vital to partner with one who has an excellent understanding of import and export law and the knowledge to ensure documents are completed accurately – thereby minimising the time required at customs and the chance of possible delays.

A Personalised Approach

For international logistics to work most effectively for your business, consider whether your chosen partner can meet your unique requirements. A specialist logistics expert, such as NTEX (who deal exclusively with shipments between the UK and the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland), can designs tailor-made solutions that jigsaw neatly around your schedule and deadlines.

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