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What Will Shipping from Denmark Be Like In 10 Years? What Does The Future Look Like?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 24-Aug-2017 13:30:00

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Scandinavian logistics is undergoing some important changes that will have a large impact on Anglo-Danish trade in the years to come. Here are the main trends that are set to make the most impact in the decade to 2027.

Trailer Movements

Although bulk freight shipping seems to be decreasing, Trailers freight by ship continues to be on the rise. 90% of the world’s trade is transported by ships, 80% of which is shipped in the northern hemisphere and increasingly those shipments are made by roll-on, roll off (RO-RO) ships.

Shipping From Denmark

Although Denmark’s future seems to be assured in the field of global shipping, what does its future look like where shipping within Scandinavia, the UK and rest of Europe is concerned?

Currently Denmark is the 37th largest exporter in the world whilst being the 34th largest importer. It has managed to maintain a positive trade balance for more than 20 years with its future seemingly just as bright. Of those exports, $39.4 billion were to other Scandinavian countries, Germany and the UK with a further $7.85 billion being to the United States; and so shipping to Europe from Denmark remains a substantial part of the country’s overall trade volume.

The emergence of freight companies like NTEX is making that trade easier and in many cases cheaper. At NTEX although we deal in worldwide freight, we specialise in shipments between Scandinavian countries, the UK and the rest of Europe, including the Balkan States. This specialisation ensures the ability to offer a variety of seamless shipping options on a wide diversity of freight types, making trading with Denmark easier and cheaper for British businesses.

Obviously with Denmark’s experience in shipping by sea, sea will always be leading haulage option, but we also offer overland and air options. As our logistics network grows, the options we can offer our customers become more varied and flexible. The opportunities for trading with Denmark continue to grow as the country’s overseas trade increases over the coming decade.

“Green Technology”

Denmark’s fleet of ships is also breaking new ground in “Green” maritime practices and so will be well set to maintain business as usual when faced with tightening EU environmental legislation after 2020. The fact that Denmark is already thinking “green,” means that its other industries and businesses will follow suit, also keeping them viable in a changing world.

The End of Oil?

Although Denmark is often associated with oil exports, many people think that as clean energy becomes more popular, their exports could diminish. The truth is that oil only accounts for 3.04% of Denmark’s exports with the largest export being Packaged Medication This accounts for 10.1% of all exports. Even if oil sales do decrease, the sales of medical products and its other export items show no signs of doing so.

Shipping To Denmark With NTEX

With Denmark effectively maintaining a trade surplus for several years, there is little evidence to show that it should falter over the next 10. As shipping to and from the country is made easier by companies like NTEX, its exports and imports may both proportionally increase.

The answer to the question “What Does the Future Look Like?” when applied to Denmark is: Similar as today but more effective, with speedier shipping options and an even larger portion of the world’s container fleets. Book shipping to Denmark online through our website by clicking here.

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